you are watching! 75% of employees research company culture before applying for a job

The importance of corporate culture has long been recognized by executives: but how does it affect talent acquisition? What do employees really want? How to attract millennials

Cezanne HR, a leading provider of cloud-based HR software, has conducted groundbreaking research into the state of corporate culture in 2022 to uncover what it really means to employees.

That’s what Cezanne HR was keen to find out, and the results were a little surprising…

Do millennials think their company’s culture has been impacted by the pandemic?

Although only 54.5% of employees surveyed say the culture would keep them in a job or leave it, a full 75% would research the culture before applying for a job. 51.8% stated that corporate culture is more important to them than salary. 84.5% said corporate culture is important. Only 4.8% rated their corporate culture as excellent.

Cezanne HR

Paul Bauer, Head of Content at Cezanne HR, commented: “Our research shows that a positive organizational culture is a key factor in employee retention rates and attracting new talent. However, our survey showed that few of the employees surveyed believe their company has an excellent culture.”

Your employees are the greatest ambassadors of your corporate culture. If your employees feel the culture is missing and you can make improvements, how can you successfully attract new talent?

Employees want initiatives for better health and mental well-being

Cezanne’s survey found that while employees overall felt rewarded and that recognition was the biggest influencer on organizational culture, many felt that better health and mental wellbeing initiatives would improve organizational culture. In fact, most millennials considered it the most important improvement companies could make.

Paul further said: “I think it’s understandable that employees place a high value on health and mental wellbeing initiatives. The COVID pandemic has highlighted the need for mental health initiatives and of course the importance of organizational culture.

The Great Resignation has meant that companies have to look inwards and deal with their own corporate culture in order to remain attractive. What do your employees really want? What makes the company a place to work at? How does your corporate culture compare to your competitors? Of course, every company has its own culture, but to attract new talent, it’s time for your company to make changes. “

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About Cezanne HR:

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