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Title IX is the name of a federal law that protects students and employees from sexual assault, harassment, discrimination and other related offenses. It requires schools to conduct fair, impartial investigations into all allegations of misconduct. They must also resolve these without retaliation. Universities and other educational institutions fail to fulfill their responsibilities despite these strict guidelines.

A powerful Title IX Lawyer Carbondale can provide much-needed assistance when you’re accused of a Title IX violation at school or work. These cases are often complex and confusing. A lawyer with expertise in the Title IX movement on a national level can ensure you receive the best representation possible from an experienced advocate.

Title IX violation can result in severe disciplinary actions. These include expulsion from schools, revocations of scholarships and grants as well as suspension or termination of employment and loss future job opportunities. Cloutier Law Group’s Title IX defense lawyers are experienced in handling complex cases on behalf college and university student, teachers, administrators as well as fraternities, sororities and employees of schools and workplaces. Our team of experienced advocates are committed to fighting for the rights of students and employees to a fair and free education and employment.We have represented many clients successfully at Title IX hearings or appeals. These include obtaining course

grade changes, substantial refunds of tuition and monetary awards and reversing the expulsion of students. We also assist survivors of sexual and genital violence in seeking redress at their schools. As a team of national Title IX attorneys, we are powerful advocates working for your justice.

The Title IX Process in Your School

You should seek legal representation as soon you are informed that the school is investigating a Title IX claim. Your Title IX lawyer will act as a mediator between you and the coordinator, helping you to avoid making statements that could be used against you. Your lawyer may also represent you in the live hearing required of all high school and college students, unless that student has chosen her/his advisor.

Your Title IX lawyer will defend your case during the hearing by challenging evidence and presenting an effective case on your behalf. You will be able to present all documentation as well as contact information of witnesses who can support your case. You will also have the opportunity to question the complaint during the hearing. If you feel that your school did not meet its responsibilities in conducting the investigation or in resolving your case, we can file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Education. We will take legal action against your school, if necessary, to protect your rights.

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