Mix’s Drum Mixers Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways

Even Mix TM is a brand name for tank, clamp mount and drum mixers. The brand’s patented designs have been developed for residential and commercial use. These products combine speed, power and user-friendliness to make mixing easy. Even Mix has the right equipment for you, no matter if you’re making cookies, soups, or baked items.

The Even Mix website recently underwent an overhaul to make it easier for customers to locate details about its top products. In addition to the updated design, the website also allows businesses to send an email to the company should they have additional questions. Mix hopes that the new website will enable them to reach a wider audience.

The even mix drive has an easy design and is extremely reliable. You can adjust the speed by using the buttons on your mixer. Even Mix also patented adjustable pitch blades for the mixer. The company employs aerospace engineering to design its patent-pending blades and pumps. Variable pitch blades are employed by the company to eliminate pins.

Even Mix is constantly improving and adding new features. Many of these innovations are based on feedback from customers. For example, the new Poly Tank geared mixer is designed to give the most smooth possible mix. The blades with variable pitch allow an even mixing at different depths, dependent on the purpose.

They are light, compact, easy to use, and can be integrated well. They can be powered by air or electric motors and are extremely efficient and reliable. Even Mix IBC mixer can also be employed to mix in difficult situations. Its unique design makes it simple for one person to use and carry.

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