John Engman & Associates celebrate 30+ years in business in style

Grand Rapids’ best family lawyers are recovering after the Covid shutdown

John Engman & Associates, renowned family attorneys in Grand Rapids, have every reason to celebrate 30 years in the field as they have bounced back strongly after being hit hard by the Covid pandemic shutdown.

This small law firm was founded over 3 decades ago with the goal of providing the best legal recourse to the people of Grand Rapids no matter what matter they are dealing with. With its diverse range of services from criminal defence, family law and real estate; It has become a trusted name that people in the area turn to for the best resolutions to the litigation and arguments they find themselves in.

In fact, the company earned its spurs as Grand Rapids’ leading defender. His customers find it reassuring John Engman & Associates actually believes in them and will do whatever it takes to ensure they receive the best legal solutions for their needs. Their rave customer reviews are a testament to the quality of service that Grand Rapids associates have come to expect from the law firm.

John Engman & Associates

And it all starts with a free consultation where the lawyers from John Engman & Associates Strive to understand the legal issue and customer needs. Not only is it reassuring for customers during stressful times, but it also gives them an opportunity to have their doubts and questions answered. Grand Rapids’ top defense attorneys will then suggest strategies to use during the trial to increase clients’ trust in them.

Through his tireless efforts, John Engman & Associates has earned a reputation for aggressively defending the rights, liberty and reputation of its clients. Clients can expect the same commitment in family law disputes. The leading family law attorney in Grand Rapids has experience in multiple types of cases including custody disputes, divorce settlements, parental leave, child support and paternity.

These can be extremely sensitive issues and require a great deal of thought as well as legal acumen. This is where John Engman & Associates has its advantage. As the leading divorce attorney in Grand Rapids, it has the experience to give clients the confidence they need when fighting these sensitive cases. His attorneys are also trained to handle both the emotional and legal aspects of a divorce.

Having worked on numerous cases over the past 30 years, the attorneys at John Engman & Associates are able to help their clients navigate the difficult world of divorce proceedings. From the clarification of custody to the division of assets; They are the attorneys that clients need to have in their corner during court proceedings. So it’s good news that after the Covid-19 closures they are now back with a bang and celebrating their 3 decades in the field by doing what they do best – winning cases for their clients.

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John Engman & Associates has become the trusted criminal defense and family law attorney for clients in the Grand Rapids area.


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