How to Hire a Title IX Lawyer

The term “Title IX Lawyer Orlando” refers to the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in a variety of settings, including education programs and activities. This law is applicable to colleges and universities that receive federal funding. It covers everything including admissions, employment, and the treatment students, faculty, staff.

First, you must identify the alleged violation. Then you need to investigate it. This may include interviewing witnesses, reviewing documentation, and gathering evidence. You may also need to engage a lawyer-advisor in order to represent you during the investigation and hearing.

School policy: Every college/university has its own code and handbook for student conduct. These guidelines guide students on campus. These standards will specify the definition of consent and whether disciplinary action is available for student behavior. These policies can be complex and students may not understand them.

Defend the case Your attorney will help you navigate the process, protect you rights, and ensure you are treated fairly by school.

Gather evidence: Collect as much evidence as possible and present all documentation. This can include text message, emails, and any other forms, photographs, witness statements or other documents.

Contest the credibility or claims of the accuser. This is especially important when the accuser was not the perpetrator of the offense.

Collecting evidence is a slow and tedious process. It is important to act quickly. The sooner you can begin gathering evidence, the easier it will be to fight the complaint and obtain a positive outcome.

Examine the Title IX policies in your school. Most schools have procedures that outline how to report a sexual assault or harassment. These policies can have a significant effect on your case and your future.

Identify the problem: Many Title IX violations can be traced back to an administrator at a university who has a sexist/gender-biased attitude. Your attorney will be able to help you identify the problem, and explain how it impacts your ability to take classes or obtain an education.

Determine what you are entitled to under the law. These claims could result in money damages, or restitution for any loss you suffered as a direct result of the violation.

Represent Title IX students: Our attorneys represent college students and their families who were charged with Title IX-related violations. We assist them in successfully defending their charges and avoiding the severe disciplinary consequences that could result from false accusations.

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