Even Mix’s IBC Tote Agitator Is A Modern Solution For Mixing Needs

A Tote Mixer is a device for mixing and storing many liquid products. These containers are utilized in industrial applications and are used to store, transport mix, store and transport bulk liquids, as well as dry goods. Tote Mixers are ideal for both large and small batches. They can be used for a variety of types of mixing, and are often preferred by industries and businesses for many reasons. Tote Mixers can be used to mix chemicals, paints, and any other liquids.

A Tote Mixing Motor, in addition to being easy and portable to use, is ideal for mixing and storing IBCs. They are light and can be placed in any size container. They are designed to work with a variety of totes. They are simple to put in and take out. XtraFlo Lite mixers can be used with IBC totes in almost every size, including 275-gallon plastic ones. They are also available in various sizes.

Indco Deluxe IBC Tote Mixers are designed to improve the efficiency of operation. They also feature ergonomics, like toggle features that allow direct hooking onto different cage sizes. A gear-reduced model runs at 175 RPM, which delivers high torque for mixing and suspending particles. A motor-powered model has two horses power Baldor motor, and requires three-phase 230-460 Volts. The 36-inch mixing shaft attaches to a coupler. three impellers collapsible are used to fix the set screws.

Its patented design and patented mixed flow blades allow it to mix everything efficiently. These mixers can mix everything, from dry materials to liquids. They can also be used in environments that do not permit heavy equipment. allowed, as they are lightweight and easy to transport. They also work well when mixed with other mixing systems.

Pulsair’s Tote Mixer is a low-maintenance, air powered unit that mixes liquids inside IBC totes. They are easy to use and safe for a range of environments. Contrary to traditional mixers with electric motors, Pulsair’s Tote Mixers allow for easy access and control of the speed and volume of liquid in the tank. They can even mix liquids that have high viscosity. The Tote Mixer can mix a range of materials by using air-powered and pneumatic operations, including standard poly IBC and liners as well as stainless steel.

White Mountain Process offers a vast selection of high-quality IBC tote mixers. Their mixers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they provide the most competitive price guarantee in the industry. You can also speak to an expert to have the perfect mixer for your requirements. They are experts in mixing equipment and can provide professional advice on how to apply any type of mixer. White Mountain Process’ friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist you in selecting the best Tote Mixer to meet your requirements.

The 275-gallon Pneumatic Tote Mixer comes with an 1.7 HP GAST air motor. The cap is mounted on the Tote Mixer with a diameter of 6″ and the height of 14″. The adjustable bracket mount can accommodate an array of totes that range from 34″ to 48″. The steel frames welded together are strong and resistant to chemical. Additionally features, the Tote Mixer is safe and sturdy, and is able to withstand tough environments.

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