A Title IX Lawyer Can Help You Create A Strong Defense

If you or your child have been accused of sexual misconduct by a college or university, you have the right to consult an attorney who is knowledgeable about Title IX law. Our team of Alexandria, Virginia, attorneys at Binnall Law Group represent students across the nation in all kinds of Title IX cases so that they can be sure that their rights under due process are secured.

A strong defense is essential for the defendant

Under the federal government’s protections under Title IX, schools are required to safeguard the rights of all those who participate in activities and programs that are that are funded with Federal grant money. This means that should a school fail to comply with the law, it can lose all or a portion of its federal funding, and even be prosecuted for violating the law.

The first step is to gather as much evidence as you can in the event that you are accused of violating Title IX. This includes witness testimony, documents, and photos. You should also be cautious about what you publish or post online during an investigation because it could be used against you in court.

The Defendant requires an experienced Legal Advisor

A Title IX Lawyer Greenville can help you create a strong defense. They have the knowledge to ensure that your interests are protected throughout discipline process and ensure that you stand the best chance of being acquitted of any charges brought against you.

The Title IX Hearing Process

The standard of proof universities and colleges employ during their Title IX hearings is a “preponderance of the evidence” standard, which means that a panel comprised of people with different backgrounds will be required to decide if you were guilty of the violation. This could lead to being found guilty by a panel and the institution imposing sanctions in accordance with the panel’s decision.

These penalties can include suspension, expulsion or a loss of athletic or academic opportunities. They could also affect your future job prospects and your reputation.

If you’re facing an Title IX accusation, it’s crucial to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. You have a better chance of winning your case if seek out an attorney as soon as possible.

Your time is limited

If you are accused of a sexual offense The Title IX process can last for a number of months and the repercussions could be life-altering. The school can impose a range of penalties and restrictions which could result in your career being affected or even putting your education at risk. You only have 180 days to complain to the school.

The school may also enact other sanctions, for instance, a no-contact order. This is a similar order in domestic violence cases. It restricts the suspect from being within the vicinity of the victim. This is especially dangerous because it can hinder the student’s social participation in fraternities and sororities their participation in sports as well as other activities that could have a positive impact on the community.

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